My Reading List

Former presidents Obama and Clinton regularly publish their reading lists for all to consume. Because I'm clearly in the same company as them, I'll highlight some books on my reading shelf for the trip to Nepal.  I've only read two of these so far, so my "notes" are currently a bit sparse.

Mark Liechty, Out Here in Kathmandu: Modernity on the Global Periphery (2011)
Framed as a series of essays (most of them previously published), Liechty's book explores how globalization is affecting Nepali life and culture -- not through some monolithic force, but through a complex negotiation between traditional and "outsourced" culture. The book is rich with empirical and theoretical information, as well as grounded narratives of modern life in Kathmandu.

Jennifer Rothchild, Gender Trouble Makers: Education and Empowerment in Nepal (2006)
An excellent ethnographic analysis of changing gender norms in Juri Village, a rural village in eastern Nepal. Rothchild found that while many gender norms remained powerfully intact, gender "trouble makers" successfully "challenged gender processes," which "illustrated individuals' capacity to negotiate the social construction and maintenance of gender."

Next books/reports up include:

Acharya, Sushan, A comprehensive review of the practices of literacy and nonformal education in Nepal 

Khaniya, Tirth Raj, New horizons in education in Nepal

Pramod Bhatta, Education in Nepal : problems, reforms, and social change

Prashant Jha, Battles of the new republic : a contemporary history of Nepal

Malcolm Langford, University of Oslo, Andy Sumner, King's College London, Alicia Ely Yamin, Harvard University, The millennium development goals and human rights : past, present and future

McCormick, Patricia, Sold (2006)

David Seddon, Nepal : maintaining secularism - an up-hill struggle

If anyone has further suggestions, please let me know!