Welcome to colleagues, friends, and followers. This blog serves two purposes. First, it tracks the development of the research collective. Since participatory research is meant to be collaborative and open-ended, it aims to open up the development of the project to online participation. Followers can see how the project develops, offer input and criticism, and perhaps even participate!  As a research collective, we aim to have many people involved.

Second, this blog tracks my own journey. Early on in my career, I traveled frequently as part of my job, for fun, and on volunteer experiences. Since having three kids and entering a doctoral program, however, my travel has been less frequent. Moreover, I've never been to Nepal. This blog traces my own experiences, pictures, and moments as I prepare for my first Fellowship trip in Spring 2019.

With those two purposes in mind, I want to begin by thanking the great team at GVI for their collaborative spirit in designing this Fellowship. Our early conversations so far have got this project off to a great start. Thanks, specifically, to Shayle Havemann, Melissa Torres,  Cheryl Martin, Kim Coetzee, Garret Brent and Kate-Lyn Moore for giving me this great opportunity and being part of the project.

I'll be trying to update this blog as frequently as I can!